I am always amazed at what God uses to bring His children closer to Him. Jesus taught in parables, using all kinds of natural things ,to bring about a spiritual lesson. One Saturday afternoon I was walking with my beautiful wife Lynette, in downtown Venice. I noticed a car show going on in the parking lot by the gazebo. What caught my eye was a beautiful 1969 black GTO it looked as though it came right off the showroom floor. Ray the owner told me, while restoring the car he would get it to a certain condition and say thats good enough , but he would not quit until it was perfect. Every nut and bolt was shinny new, even the parts not visible were replaced.
Totally Restored!!
God spoke to me that day and said you are like this car perfectly restored. By Jesus death, burial and resurrection every dent, rusty bolt, broken part of the past has been forgiven. Let us celebrate this Easter season in Restoration.
Pastor Jim