The Center of Hope Neighborhood Church

2395 Shamrock Dr
Venice, Fl 34293

Dear Friends,

The Center of Hope has been helping the community for over 20 years. Now, The Center of Hope desperately needs the community’s help.

The COH serves the needy, underserved, mentally ill, addicted, and homeless population in our area. Meeting needs such as food, clothing, hygiene, pet food, referrals, rent, utilities and food stamps.

At the same time housing costs and inflation are impacting our clients, government benefits are being reduced and eliminated. Week in and week out, we are seeing record numbers, and many new faces needing help. I have enclosed a newsletter with our latest numbers from our last quarter for your review.

Recently a ruling was made regarding Season of Share guidelines. Funds may be used for one-time emergency financial assistance to families living in Sarasota County within 365 day period. The maximum amount of funds will be up to $2,000 for eviction, car repair or utility. Only one service can be accessed per household per year. This is detrimental, as many clients have other expenses and could access remainder of any unused funds for other expenses if needed.

While all this happening, the interest on our mortgage and required insurances have doubled, increasing our monthly operating expenses from $18,000 to $23,744.35.

It’s always hard to ask for money, however, we are at the most critical point we have ever been in financially. We are hoping and praying that we can generate $100,000 in contributions and support to help keep our doors open.

Please kindly consider supporting our mission. If you are not familiar with what we do, stop by any morning Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00-11:00 am., at The Center of Hope 2455 Shamrock (small gray house) and see the impact we are making in the community.

Would you consider giving a donation or supporting us on a monthly basis. Any help is appreciated. You can give on our website or mail a check to the address above

Thank you for considering our call for help.


Pastor’s Jim & Lynette McCleland